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Extreme lower back pain

Started by Kenishalg on 07/30/2018 10:53pm

Can someone pls explain? I went for my 1st cervical epidural about 2 weeks ago, the following day I began to have extreme lower back pain which I hadn't had before. It was so extreme I was out of work for a week, had to be helped to the get around (1st day only) , had to prop myself with pillows in order to sit up, and even had to wear back brace. Now mind you, I have a pinched nerve in neck. I suffered with the back pain for about a week, during this time about day 3 shoulder and neck pain went away. About day 6 pain slowly started coming back and now it is back to its normalcy (constant burn, numbness, tingling) Went today for 2nd shot and after speaking with doc she stated she had never experienced this! This scares the heck outta me so I didn't follow through. Have any heard of this or could direct me in the right direction to research? I can't find anything

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