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Why Me?!

Started by DiscJockey on 07/31/2018 12:47am

I just turned 40 and shortly after My birthday in May I began having crippling lower back pain, that would shoot down My legs and would hurt so badly, It would wear Me out, exhaust Me and last all day long. As May progressed into June, I noticed the pain worsening, espy with the weather changes. Then mid July hit, and My body had told Me "you're done!" I couldn't get up from sitting, or laying down, couldn't dress myself, bend over at, get my socks or shoes on, it's embarrassing and humiliating that at 40 years old, I feel like I'm 86! This lower back pain didn't start for me till I was in my second trimester, carrying my child, it was sciatic nerve pain, ever since then 4 years ago my back has never been the same but worsened. Apparently now I have a herniated disc and sciatica. I'm a hot mess, I am setting up to see my P/C Doc soon to get a script for a MRI we'll see what happens!

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Hi, DiscJockey--thank you for your post. We are sorry to read about your experience with sciatica--this type of pain can take such a huge toll on your quality of life.

Believe it or not, age 40 is a peak time for sciatica to develop, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about.

As you learn more about your low back pain and associated sciatica, we thought this would be a good article for you: ( What You Need to Know About Sciatica Now ). This is a Q&A with a spine surgeon, and it covers a lot of great information about sciatica (including the fact that spine surgery is rarely needed to manage it).

We hope this information helps. Please let us know what you find out from your MRI--and what treatment approach your doctor recommends. We wish you the best!