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Understanding my MRI

Started by noahc763 on 07/31/2018 8:27pm

Hi so I had an mri done and I was wondering if someone would mind and take the time to decipher it for me as I don’t ha e an appointment with the neurosurgeon for a couple of months. Here it goes:
Alighnment: straightening of the lumbar lordosis
Degenerative disc disease: L3-4, L4-5 minimal (3-4)

L5-S1: Posterior disc margin is unremarkable. Thecal sac is small at this level which is often the case 6.2 mm. No evidence of lateral recess compromise. Mild facet arthropathy. Foramina are patent.

L4-L5: There is a central disc extrusion, broad based, with a posterior annular fissure. Mild central stenosis 9.2 mm canal. Moderate bilateral L5 lateral recess narrowing due to the disc extrusion. Mild facet arthropathh. Foramina are patent.

L3-L4: Small central disc protrusion with severe central stenosis6.3 mm canal. This is in part due to epidural fat. Lateral recesses are unremarkable. Facets and foramina are unremarkable. Posterior radial annular fissure.

Miscellaneous: Lumbar epidural lipimatosis.

That’s everything of note in my mri.

Thanks in advance,
Noah Caldon

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