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back fusion

Started by e. white on 08/16/2018 5:42pm

I had back fusion of L4-L5 about 5 years ago. Recovery was great with no problems. Then I had my L-3 fused in March, 2018. during this surgery, my spinal cord was injured and I was loosing spinal fluid. therefore another operation was necessary to repair the spinal cord. Since the second operation, my left knee is numb and has shooting pains. I've read advice where nerves settling down was normal and lasted up to 15 weeks, but my are still happening. I'm concerned, but my doctor can't give me a reason for my pain. I've had physical therapy but the symptoms still persist.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your left knee numbness and shooting pains after your L3 fusion surgery. It sounds like to me that somehow your knee was affected by either the spinal cord injury during surgery or something they did in the second surgery. I know that different area's of the spine being inflamed or injured can effect you in different area's of the leg, calf or foot, etc so I'm assuming that the knee can be affected too. I'd do some research if you can on that and see what you can find out as maybe there's a correlation there. It seems obvious to me if your knee was fine before then that something happened during one of those surgeries to create the knee numbness and pain. I'd try again to discuss it with your current doctor. I'd let him know that this is obviously related to the surgeries as you've never experienced this before. Then if you aren't getting any answers with him/her, then I'd seek out someone else and explain your situation and maybe they can help. I would be persistent though and try to get some answers and it may take a few doctors to get what you need or want. I don't think PT will help you but see what another doctor suggests you do.

Hopefully it's not permanent damage and will settle down over time. You didn't say how long it's been since the pain began except more than 15 weeks. If it persists for 6 mos. or longer then you may want to seek legal counsel and find out what your options are against the doctor and the hospital. I'm hoping you don't have to go that route and it'll just get better over time. I wish you the best in your continued recovery.