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Bilateral Pars Fracture L5 - 2 months no pain relief! What brace is best?

Started by Dara on 09/03/2018 7:12pm

I’m 31 years old. On vacation, I started to feel shooting pain down the sides of both hips, my knees felt like they were being pulled laterally, and my shins started feeling like they were being torn apart. I started to feel unstable like my legs were collapsing in. I got home and my GP ordered a back x Ray, which showed nothing. So I was sent for an MRI. By this point I still had no back pain, but stupidly did some downward dog stretches on the advice of my trainer, and ended up in excruciating pain that I’m still in. I noticed my feet getting cold and stiff and went to the ER. A CT confirmed bilateral pars fracture at L5 and minimal disc bulge at L5. My doctor doesn’t seem to understand why I’m having so much pain. I can’t even walk without my back hurting, my knees keep doing the lateral pull thing and I keep getting foot stiffness. All I can do is lie down all day and am only not in pain thanks to Painkillers and Ativan. I talked to a relative who shattered L4 and wasn’t in this much pain? What is wrong with me?? My doctor didn’t even mention a back brace until I asked for it, but it’s a crappy generic one. Has anyone been through this and recommend the best course to heal (a proper back brace) and if my pain level is normal? CT showed no stenosis but i am in devastating pain and can barely walk.

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