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Iv been asked to go to hospital so drs can learn frm me

Started by Lisams on 09/26/2018 3:42am

I have had hip pain for over a year ..thought it was m.s as iv had m.s over 23yr now...ms nurse put it dwn to ms progressing..no scans nothing
Then i went to my gp n he asked few questions..only then he rang hos n got a mri scan app with in 24 hrs
I was due to fly 23rd n went
2 weeks later i came home n docs had been ringing askn me to go through n see specialist..
The m.s nurse was wrong
The specialists was wanting me as i need an opp
He didnt know how i was still walking n doing toe to toe
He said its a mystery
I have to have c4 n c5 fusion n will be getting cut frm front and back
But i dont understand why
I know i have narrowing of spinal cord

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