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Herniated disc and L5 nerve compression

Started by Mattb123 on 10/16/2018 8:09pm

I’m 28 years old and just had an MRI saying I have a large broad based disc protrusion with severe left lateral recess stenosis. Also my left L5 nerve root is displaced because of the disc material. This was caused from lifting the improper way for years not bending my knees and using all back.The back pain isn’t bad but the leg pain is unbearable from the knee down. I mostly feel it in the back of knee and calf. My foot tingles and can’t even work for more then 4 hours because of the pain. I tried oral steroids and they helped for about 1 day then once I started working again I went back to pain. I’m doing physical therapy and it is not helping. I would like to avoid surgery at all costs considering my age and my fear of surgery’s. Does anyone have any suggestions that could give me some sort of relief.
Thank you

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You could try a tens unit. Before my laminectomy and discectomy in October I used one daily for about 6 months to manage my pain and it really helped. I still on occasion need to use it just so I cam 've almost completely pain free. Good luck to you! Oh and I'm 32 years old too. I had a l4 l5 large disc extrusion with sevier spinal stenosis.


I'm 37, it doesn't matter how old you are. I had surgery last year, it helped to an extent, therapy just agitated my nerve and rest was best for me. I'm starting to go through the same pain again. My rupture was bad and deep cuz I laid a long time cuz the Drs didn't believe me, thought I was just after pills. Lost my job, and insurance, I really am at a loss without insurance. I would get opinions and a Dr that will keep you for more than 90 days after your surgery. That's what I dealt with. Did the surgery, sent me on my way. He wasn't sure if he got all the rupture out, and never checked