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Complications after Laminectomy

Started by Funk007 on 10/23/2018 12:43am

During my Laminectomy to relieve severe sciatica the surgeon tore the Dura causing nerves to come out. My outpatient surgery turned into 4 days in the hospital. Two days to let the latch heal and 2 days to gain strength in my right leg. Apparently the L5 nerve was traumatized resulting in right leg pain and numbness. After using a walker for two weeks I progressed to a cane. After 4-5 months of PT and the gym, my strengthening started compensating for the nerve which hadn’t really come back. Eventually was able to ditch the cane for moderate distances. Then, I started going backward. Pain again and back on the cane. My last MRI was inconclusive. Dr said to wait and see what happens. I think something changed and there should be a way to find out. Sorry for being long winded. Interested in what others think. Thanks!

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