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C4-C7 fusion

Started by Ctrillo on 10/24/2018 9:48am

Im 37 years old and had a cervical fusion done 9mo ago . .when i had the surgery i had complications. When i woke up from having surgery i couldn't move my left side , i could feel nothing. The doctor's didnt know wat was going on with me they did mri and ct scan and nothing. I stood in the hospital for a week untill i could get up on my own. But still needed help walking and bathing. So they sent me home with a walker and a they said a nurse and therapy would come to my house.. well the pain has been back . it seems like it never went away. but now its more pain then before and in new places. I still get the numbness . i can walk on my own but still week on the left side. I can barely feel on my left side u can poke me and i would barley feel it. I have even more migraines and they are even more painful. Back pain is worser and now i have sciatica in my left leg and pain in my heels . i have done therapy .. They gave me a neck brace for stimulation.nothing worked. Now im having trouble finding a doctor that will take my insurance. Does anyone have any advice .?

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