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Posted in: Back pain, Neck pain, and Sciatica.

Need advice

Started by Anthony Wright on 10/31/2018 7:38am

Im a 47 year old man. I had lower back surgery for 3 ruptured disc back in 2000. I ruptured 3,4 and 5 in lumbar. At times through the years Ive had weakness and bad pain that would keep me down for several days at a time. Pain would slowly go away and not come back for months or even a year or 2 at a time. August of this year I injured my neck at work, and had to wait to get a cervical fusion til the end of Sept The fusion was in 5,6 and 7 and Dr said he trimmed spurs at 4, I also got bone graphs inserted at same time.. Im only just past a month post-op, but having pain, and aching in lower back to the point I cant put my own socks on, or tie my shoes for past 2 days. Ive had little spots of feeling weak in the back in the last month, and even in the weeks leading up to surgery. Im scheduled to go back and see neck surgeon on Friday this week. Anybody else have this problem after surgery, or have any at home cures or treatment to stave this off when it starts ? This problem is bad when it fires up. Sleep gets bad, walking, bending, sitting as well.

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Hi Anthony,

I have had the lower back surgery and it is now a failed laminectomy. In your case, I strongly suggest requesting an MRI. There could be a plethora of issue that could be causing your pain. What you are experiencing is "not normal" and needs to be addressed by your surgeon ASAP. You need to put this back on him/her; not you! You should not be suffering. I am in the medical field; and I too suffer from pain, but this is new onset after surgery and needs prompt attention. Please see your surgeon. Take care!