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Radiofrequency Ablation

Started by uncbobc on 11/15/2018 7:41pm

I have been suffering on and off with lower back pain for about 11 years. I was in pain management while working with a number of epidural injections, enough to get me back to work for about 4-5 years until I took an early retirement so I could try to enjoy my retirement years as the pain was getting worse while working. the first few years of retirement were ok pain wise but about a year ago the pain became worse. being diagnosed with the normal disc degeneration, stenosis, and arthritis. I was sent to a Orthopedic Dr. who in turn put me back in pain management. Radiofrequency Ablation was then recommended again as it was about 10 years ago. I turned it down 10 years ago because I was still working in construction, and looked at it like taking the batteries out of a smoke detector and setting the building on fire. Now I agreed to have it done, no longer working. First about 8 months ago my Dr. did a test I believe it was a temporary nerve block which lasted 6-8 hrs. to determine that he was in the right spot. This was done twice, with moderate to good results. He then proceeded with the RFA first the Left side, and then in 2 weeks was going to do the right side. Then the insurance company notified me that first, his office had not gotten written approval for the temp nerve blocks and that a non approval penalty was being accessed, raising my copay substantially. Then the insurance co also told me that the RFA procedure could only be done every 6 month. So my right side was put on hold. I was put on Tramadol to hold me over and have become depended. The Catch 22 here is you don't know if the RFA is actually helping. Recently the pain is returning to both sides of my extreme lower back. I am due for my next RFA, so when the Dr. submitted for approval, the rejection explanation from the insurance co. explains the RFA, but says the Dr. did not say that the RFA was going to be performed on me. I'm confused. It has been resubmitted. I find myself becoming anxious and depressed over this entire process, and have contacted my primary who is in the same office with my Pain Management for something light to help me deal with my demeanor. My primary wants to see me first, even though I have been in and out of the office many times in the past year for a number of different medical issues, Kidney Disease, Hernia, Pain Management, and regular blood work. Problem is they cant see me for 12 days. Has anyone else experienced any of this, Or have any suggestions on how to proceed, other than buying drugs off the corner, just joking, I think.

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