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Advice? I'm new to this

Started by blackbird1778 on 11/15/2018 11:52pm

Hi everyone. Recently diagnosed w/ 3 cervical herniated discs & 2 in lumbar. In my mid 30s. Nothing major happened except sports & car accidents years ago. Being treated by a Psyiatrist. I want to avoid surgery. Also have arthritis in neck & some minor disc degeneration. Was treated w/ Norco, then epidurals. Been 2 months & wanting 2 start P.T. soon. Psyiatrist began lecturing me how hes not comfortable prescribing opioids this long. I've read can take 2 years for herniated discs to heal. Recently needed to take a few extra more pills (was honest w/ him) and pharmacy made him call to fill lower dosage 4 days early. Pharmacist informed him I come in every month w/ scripts for different meds, different dosages. I've been treated for depression for years by same Psychiatrist, always gives 1 month of meds. I feel judged & offended Psyiatrist would point this out. All psych meds are from same doc & pain med from Psyiatrist only. Is this the usual treatment or is it DEA scare? Would you find another Psyiatrist & pharmacy or is this normal? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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