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Posted in: Back pain, Chronic pain, and Surgery.

Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Looks like my only option

Started by greg30 on 11/16/2018 11:31am

SI joint fusion is a relatively new surgery and is not taught in medical school for any surgeons who do this procedure. I have exhausted all alternative treatment methods and now face surgery. My question to this community aimed to those who have gone through this or are knowledgeable about this is who should I see as the surgeon, and I could care not where he or she is located. Any advise on the best medical surgical outcome that I can attempt to have done would be very grateful to me.

I am of the attitude that I want 100% recovery., From what I have researched, I know that Ifuse is the most preferred hardware method due to the enormous amount of data that is kept on this. I am not sure if I am a fan of Ifuse due to fact that there is no easy way to go back in and fix any issues that may not have healed properly, like a complete arthrodesis of this joint. I like Zyga Symmetry as an option, but am not a surgeon and can only relate to what I have researched and talked to the companies on.
Any suggestions, and is New York Hospital for Special Surgeries the go to place for this? Any recommendations as to doctors? I have a scheduled appointment to see Dr. William Cross at the Mayo Clinic who specializes in this surgery, but I am not committed to any surgical doctor at this point.

As I said, my main objective is to attain 100% recovery. I might add to anyone else reading this that this low back injury was diagnosed as an L5-S1 disc injury with recommendations of surgery and fusion at that level by many surgeons I had seen over the last 30 years. Not one suspected SI joint involvement, and many did recommend no surgery. I found out earlier this year, at my decision, to ask for an injection in the SI joint to see what the results were by my physiatrist, and it was clear this was the pain location. Please, anyone contemplating lower back surgery to please eliminate this as a pain originator, and proceed from there. All others please help me find the best surgeon for SI joint fusion in this country.

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