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Please Help me, possible pinched nerve leave for military soon

Started by Jake0486 on 11/18/2018 7:16pm

The story:
Okay so 10 days ago I woke up with what I thought was a knot in my upper back between my shoulder blade and spine on the right side(I didn’t notice it until I got school and was sitting in my desk. And that night I remember having nightmares I’m assuming I slept on it funny as well) . I went through the school day with it and it got kinda pain full in gym class. The next morning I woke up very early to go lift at the gym. I was curling weight and it hurt more and more each rep. At the end I decided to stop and I was in so much pain. I couldn’t move my arms without an incredible amount of sharp pain in the same spot where I thought it was a knot. I could barley open my car door or put the keys in the ignition on the way out. Every movement killed. I could barley turn the steering wheel. I got home and decided not to go to school and layed down. I had to roll out of bed and roll into bed. I took some pain meds and scheduled a appointment with a chiropractor for later that day. The chiropractor didn’t do much just cracked it a little and made some more appointments for the next week. Over the weekend the pain dulled a lot. But was still really pain full with certain movements. I followed up with more chiropractor appointments and they did some massages and cracked it. They noticed my shoulder was guarding a lot like my right one was raised higher than the left and they did something to relax it. And now today I have almost no pain and can move my arms and back with almost no pain. One day I noticed tingling in the spot. I still have pain in the morning and when I’m laying down usually. I have some pain running down under my right arm from my armpit up to my elbow . It still has some pain in that same spot in between my spine and shoulder blade. I tried to do a pull up but it hurt really bad for the second I was doing it almost the same pain of the first day of pain. I ran a little bit and they was no pain running. Does this sound like a pinched nerve? Could it be worse? Will it heal fully? Could I have permanent damage? I’m am very worried about this because I leave for the Marine Core in 7 months and I don’t want anything stopping me from doing this. I made an doctors appointment but it might not be for a week or 2 until I get in.

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Just my opinion and what doctors told by doctors that if you suspect nerve damage or disc damage you should not seek help form a chiropractor, they actually made my neck worse. It sounds very much like nerve disc pain. Definitely go see an doctor, don't let them walk all over you suggest to them that you need a CT scan or an MRi, hopefully you have medical to cover it.
I had discectomy on C5 C6 and now have to9 get another surgery on C7 because i have severe stenosis herniated discs and bone spurs pressing on nerves. They also dont like to give out pain medication and I spent ten years going to doctors and being told there is nothing wrong with me, its all in my head, I'm just drug seeking, the usual. I asked so many times for an mri no luck, until my home clinic sent me away with my right arm completely paralyzed and in the most pain I had ever had i drove 4 hrs away to the nearest town wen to that hospital and the doctor in ER ordered an MRI, when it came back he ordered surgery immediately I had breathing problems headaches that would make me puke and a right arm that was basically useless, i had two trapped nerve roots and two discs pushing right into my vertebrae, I had surgery 4 months later. I am better but still have painful days and the whole process of dealing with doctors is draining.

What did help with my pain was accupuncture or dry needle accupuncture they push the needle in further to the muscles and nerves and reset the neural pathways, it really hurts when they do it, but sometimes i was pain free for 2 weeks, for someone that had 24/7 pain that worked best for me.