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Started by Jcole74 on 11/18/2018 7:49pm

Hey guys new member here

Just want to share a little bit of my story. Although I dont have spine issues I still feel that maybe you guys could help answer some questions. I'm a Veteran ( 19 at the time) that was involved in a Motorcycle accident in 2013. I lost 6 inches of bone in my left leg , broke my Pelvis on both sides, shattered my jaw and ruptured my Spleen . I was put in a come for 2.5 weeks and then spent 11 months in the hospital trying to save my leg while have 30 surgeries in that year. Beginning of 2014 I finally had to give up due to infections and various other issues.

Pain medication

During the process of trying to save my leg in the beginning right after getting out of coma I was on dillaudid, ketamine, and roxies. After becoming stable I was then taking 2 10mg long acting oxycodone, 90 Roxy's a month, along with getting Dillaudid/ morphine everytime I was in the hospital .

After losing my leg and getting out of Navy I was taking Cymbalta, Lyrica and Ambien. Between 2014 to 2017. In 2017 I finally decided that my quality of life was suffering because of Phantom pain ,stress on my back and right leg. My doctor prescribed me 1 5/325 mg of hydrocodone a day. I also was living in Illinois and got my Medical marijuana card which my doctor was aware of and ok with.

As of January of 2018 I moved to North Carolina where Marijuana is not legal. I talked to my new PCM and he prescribed me up to 2 10mg of 10/325 (45 pills a month).

Now to my question , my doctor is calling me in because I have got my prescription filled every month and he had drug tested me 3 times at the very end of every month. This month he would not prescribe to me because the last drug test I took pain medication was not in my system. I give my pain medication as soon as I receive them to my wife and she rations me to no more than two a day.

What have I done wrong? I'm allowed 2 a day with 45 pills that equates to 22.5 days a month. If I need two a day within my prescription and I run out on that 22.5 a day it leaves around 7.5 days for it to be out of my system. What am I doing wrong I'm staying within the limits of my prescription and honestly like the couple days off of pain meds for my body to come back down so that when I get the new prescription the pain medication works better. I would rather have 22.5 to 26 good day over 30 bad. I go in to talk to him this wednesday. What should I expect?

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***EDIT*** Between mid 2014 to 2017 I was completely off all pain medication .


You said the prescribing directions say UP TO 2 10 mg tabs per day. This means that you are to take no more than 2 tablets per day. The prescription is typically a 30 day supply, which means that you should not be taking two tabs every day. Most of us have ongoing pain, normal baseline , all day, every day pain. The extra tablet should be saved for days when your pain escalates beyond your normal level and no other option is easing it.
Are these extended or immediate release meds? IF they are immediate release, then you could break them in half, and take 5 mg , twice or 3 times per day, leaving the remaining half tab for days when your pain is higher than normal. It would also allow you to have the pain meds in your system for the entire 30 days.
However, if it is extended release opiates, DO NOT CUT THEM!
The other option is to explain to your doctor that you have been taking both tablets for the 22.5 days, which is why you are testing negative at the office.
He may have assumed you understood that you were only supposed to take 2 on the really bad days.