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Posted in: Back pain, and Pain management.

Post SCS Limitations

Started by krypony on 11/23/2018 2:18pm


What are the limitations after both the trial and implant? How much down time might I expect?

I’ve had SI joint issues for years. I had a PLIF of L5-S1 in 2015 and have residual nerve pain in my right leg and foot. After several rounds of PT and ESIs along with Neurontin and Vicodin, my neurosurgeon has presented this as another option which may be helpful.

All things considered, I did well with the PLIF and I am otherwise a healthy individual at 52. Before my PLIF I read multiple posts recommending all types of things I would “need” during my recovery. I suspected it would be overkill for me and I was right. It’s true I needed to heed my surgeon’s instructions and I wasn’t bungee jumping. But, within a month, I was driving, traveling/ “camping” in an RV and going to my daughter’s swim meets (the bleachers did prove uncomfortable and I brought a camp chair instead).

I’m assuming if I could handle a major surgery like PLIF relatively well, then an SCS trial and procedure shouldn’t be too difficult?

I work part time as a home care nurse (very light work) and have a 15 year old still at home, so really, my main concern is driving.

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