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Sciatic pain nightmare

Started by scallywag67 on 12/03/2018 6:29am

Hi everyone, have just joined to try to find some advice for latest MRI findings to an ongoing 4 year old nightmare as my 4th Neurologist still insists that nothing can be found to be causing my pain so i,ll give some brief info for me then a brief account of my last MRI results.
I am 67 and have worked in the Building trade for 30 years up to 2010 when i had to stop that work due to lower back pain that was diagnosed as Facet Joint degeneration and started Delivery driving.
Whilst doing this work on 11th Sept 2014 after doing a delivery that involved bending into the back of the van repeatedly and turning to my left to hand the goods to the customer the morning after i woke up to find that i had Numbness and loss of sensation of the Skin on my Buttock/Perineum/Leg/Foot.
I have had 4 Neurologists, 3 MRI scans, electric/pin nerve tests, blood tests, Lumbar Puncture ,everything that needed to be tested was tested, however, although my 3rd Neurologist ordered another electric/pin Nerve test which seemed to point to a problem with the Anterior Tibialis Nerve and left Peroneal Nerve Lesion, which probably explains why most of the Leg pain is to the side of my left Knee where these Nerves are located, i mentioned this to my latest Neurologist and he just said that it was unlikely to be causing my symptoms, i disagree, can anyone out there who either specialises in this sort of problem or someone that has actually experienced the same kind of problem please offer some advice on this ongoing nightmare.

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