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Can Anyone Decipher This For Me??

Started by 0607717 on 12/25/2018 12:53am

INDICATION: Acute low back pain extending into the right leg. Power lifting injury in February of 2018.

FINDINGS: MRI of the lumbosacral spine was performed utilizing T1, T2 and STIR weighted sagittal as well as T1 and T2-weighted axial imaging sequences.

Comparison is made to the prior x-ray examination of 5/31/2018.

The lumbar vertebral bodies maintain adequate stature. There is straightening of the lumbar lordosis without evidence of listhesis.

There are mild changes of disc desiccation without disc space narrowing throughout the lumbosacral spine. Chronic Schmorl's node formation is identified involving the anterior aspect of the inferior endplate of L4, present on the prior x-ray examination.

There is no more than very mild physiologic annular bulging at the levels of L3-4 and L4-5 without any significant degree of central or neural canal stenosis at either level.

The L5-S1 level demonstrates a moderate-sized broad-based posterior disc protrusion which is eccentric to the right of midline. There is resultant mild anterior thecal sac flattening at this level and bilateral lateral recess stenosis, mild on the left
and moderate on the right. The right-sided component of this disc protrusion is seen to be contiguous with and probably causing some degree of mass effect upon the exiting right S1 nerve root within the region of the lateral recess. Both and L5 neural canals to demonstrate mild to moderate stenosis.

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