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Post Lumbar Double Fusion L3 L4 L5 Performed by OLIF

Started by NotYoungAnymore on 01/02/2019 7:29pm

So I've been looking for post lumbar fusion content about partial leg paralysis and could not find much..
I recently 4 months ago had a double lumbar fusion L34 and L45. I had this because when I was 18 I hurt my back and now at 41 I have not been able to continue. I need to be able to bend over without putting my hands on my knees, pick up kids when i have them if I ever get well enough..
SO I basically had DDD with chronic back pain primarily from Modic 1 and Modic 2 or modic II changes.. My bones perimeters were Bright white and the discs were dark black.. Just slighly moving my back was painful.
When I woke from surgery I had moderate foot drop that I can live with but I had terrible sciatica in my left leg but more notable is that my inner groin muscle simply does not contract. I have a gape or rather indenting hole in my left thigh and I can't lift my leg up or to the side, actually I can due to other muscles, but it hurts. I also have a burning in my upper outter butt muscle..
Anyways I was curious if anyone out there had muscles that simply did not contract after lumbar fusion.. I had it done on my left side with the OLIF procedure and it's my left leg that's messed up.. So 4 months out, my low back pain is still way worse and obviously very weak and I now have partial paralysis in my left leg with a burning in my ass when I move it..
I know this surgery will take 2 years to fully heal considering my modic changes which have less postitive outcomes from fusion than a typical herniated disc .. I'm wearing a bone growth stimulater but it's not a noticeable difference.
41 going on 101

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