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Posted in: Back pain, and Surgery.

SI LOK loose screw

Started by Skp6 on 01/03/2019 1:34pm

Hello! Long time reader first time poster, a little background on me, I'm a 28yr old female. Healthy(or so I was) mom of 3.

I had a slip and fall injury back in Jan2018. After 6 months of testing to include MRI, xray and injections it was determined I injured my left SI joint. I had horrible pain in my lower back and down my left leg from the day I fell. Couldn't stand or walk for long periods, couldn't even weight bare on my left side at times sitting or standing. Exactly 6months after my fall I had left SI joint fusion surgery with the SI LOK. I immediately felt somewhat better but still pain that I attributed to post surgery pain. After about 5-6 weeks I was feeling better and able to walk normally again but still nagging back pain. One morning about 8 weeks post op I went to get out of bed and was greeted with sharp eclectic shock type pains in my incision site area over the sacrum. This was the start of so much more pain to come. The leg pain came back, the sharp electric shock pains were comparable to labor pains and woupd come 10-15 times a day. My entire incision site became red and hot to the touch. I had put in a call to my surgeon but got a call back from his PA who said its either inflection or nerve regeneration. He saw me and put me on strong steroids to see if it would help. It didnt. I started PT again. Another MRI only showed slightly worsening bulged discs(also from the fall) but nothing to point out this pain. It's been 5.5 months since my surgery and the pain is worse then prior. I finally had a CT done yesterday and its showing that my inferior screw is loose and sclerosis shown around the screw along with worsening compression and bilateral stenosis where the nerves exit the spinal column at L2,L3,L4 and L5 due to disc protrusions. The same ones I got from the fall that haven't healed at all yet. Also now a bone spur and vacuum phenomenon is showing on the right SI joint. My ortho still wants me to see a neuro and have a nerve test done next week but aside from hearing the results from his nurse I have no clue what he will want to do about the loose screw. Will I have to have another surgery to replace the screw? I was a wreck about having the first one...can this go on for awhile or is it something they will want to fix soon? Thanks for reading!

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