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Burning sensation 4 month post lumbar fusion

Started by Harry24 on 01/08/2019 2:00am


I am a large man of weight of 128kg .12 months ago - I had worked very hard to lose weight over 8 months and lost 27kg before falling on my back ( November 2017 ) and complaining of right sciatica pain which commenced in my right buttock and radiated down my leg to my foot . Oral medication and physical therapy was insufficient to assist with pain relief . The best pain relief was hydrotherapy . Infanct , physiotherapist made it worse. Anyway I had a right discectomy 3 months later which looked promising 5 weeks post op .However , increasing/recurring right and left sciatica caused more pain - something that is hard to describe.
By the 6 week , I was back on lots of pain medication - man I was addicted to them .... Once again I met with my specialist surgeon - by the way he is the best , and I still believe and trust him with my care to this day . MRI scan showed disc bulge on left side of L 4/ L5.

In July 2018 I had a L4/L5 lumbar fusion . This went well post operatively . 4 1/2 months post op I starting experiencing increased right and left sciatica pain ; with increased burning sensation in both buttocks - especially when sitting for more than 10 minutes . The only way to describe this burning sensation is like a hot iron . Special cushions do help. But only for a brief time . Any driving over 45 minutes ( with cushion ) in place is more than enough . I have met with my specialist again and an mri scan was done . I am awaiting to see him again soon to discuss the results .Surgen had suggested epidural steroid treatment.will wait and see.
As far as I am aware - new scan results shows bulging of L5 Disc . Sacral nerves are intact . There is no spinal stenosis evident .
Fusion of the devise is good - intact ( I am happy about this ).

Treatment post lumbar fusion - was best supported by physiotherapist in the hydrotherapy pool including commencing gym ( with physiotherapist) after 4 months has been effective to strengthen my back muscles and improve core .I believe everyone should have this practical support post spinal fusion.

For the pas 12 months I have used a walking stick to support my walking and to maintain my balance . You see prior to first surgery and post second surgery I have had numbness of my right foot which has improved enormously . I am now walking with out walking stick for the past 2 1/2 weeks - praying that this continues.
One of the thinks I have also noticed is that I cannot walk a distance of more than 30 minutes - if I even try then the right sciatica pain increase. . I also tend to walk slowly - like an old man - I am 53 years old !.

Despite all these problems - as well as been in the medical profession I continue to motivate myself on a daily basis . I have returned to work - working up to 4 to 6 hours per day - 3 to 4 days a week. I am grateful to my employer who has supported me over the past 12 months .
I am ever so humbled with so much love for the support from my wife who has had to endure , and endure and endure . I have needed to handover to her carry the groceries , bags , lifting , moving furniture, cleaning/ weeding the garden and of course having my children to help.

I take each day as a blessing .

I am looking forward to seeing specialist surgeon in a few weeks to discuss mri scan results and plan moving forward .
If there is anyone out there that can make suggestions on how to relieve the burning sensation in my buttocks/ glutes - do comment .

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Hi Harry,
I’m 51yo very active gal who has had a L2-L3 Fusion with decompression at L5-S1 in April 2018. I then blew out a disc, developed a complicated L5 cyst pressing on my cord, and Retrolisthesis of L4, L5, S1. So exactly 9 months after my first surgery we went in and Fused L2-S2 with 2 Rods, 12 screws and 32 staples. I am 6 days post op.

I’m not doing anything of course yet.... but in the past Ive gotten nice relief on sciatic burning from using a foam roller or rolling a lacrosse ball across my gluteus. The biggest relief has come through acupuncture treatments. I went once a week and it took a few weeks, but the relief was great. As soon as my surgeon gives me the O.K. Ill start acupuncture for pain relief and muscle release.

It’s funny you describe your pain like a hot steel rod... I call mine “searing” like a hot branding iron or a seared piece of steak. I hope your doc finds some good alternatives for you! Good Luck,