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Started by micmac59 on 01/09/2019 1:37pm

i have been dealing with back problems for many years. i have tried shots, had a laminectomy , and sec surgery. i am some better after the sec surgery but not satisfied . I have foot drop on left foot,cant stand for more than 5 minutes ,cant walk for any length of time (50 yards) or so . my pain has moved a lot it has moved into my knees lately, when i first get up i have a knot just above right knee that dissipates after sitting on bench at foot of bed. my knee caps hurt sometimes but not all the time. i have problems at l2,l3 /l3,l4 /l4,l5 as well . i feel that my bladder has been affected (frequent urges) but is somewhat better than it was. the people that done the (sec surgery) say if pain is tolerable that i shouldnt do anything right now. my question is wouldn't fusion help. i was very active (golf, fishing, hunting , etc) until everything went south with my back. my back started getting worse during the time i was doing lots of traveling with my wife (cancer treatments). my last surgery was april last year , im 59 yrs old and would like to be somewhat active , what are the chances that fusion would help or hurt.

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