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Should go for EPIDURAL or not?

Started by Yaser132 on 01/14/2019 9:27am

Hi everyone!

Hope this message finds you well.

My father has been diagnosed with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis of moderate nature. He has nerve roots compressed in the L3/L4 & L5/L6 regions. His symptoms are pain when getting up and sitting down in both legs. Although, the pain is not severe but he is unable to treat this by OTC pain medications due to digeative issues as a result of medications already being taken for Diabetes, BP, Cholestrol and Glaucoma.

Aftet seeing the MRI, Doctor recommended him to take Epidural Injection and report back after 10 days so that the physiotherapy can start.

When I checked about Epidural, there has been a mixed opinion about it on the internet and many have not been recommending it.

Is there any alternative to Epidural? Or should we take a second opinion?


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Hi! Epidurals are pretty straight forward - pregnant women have them all the time! Done by a qualified doc, it should be just fine. But they don’t always work for pain relief for spine issues. You never know until you try. I had one that made no difference at all. But if it does work, it will give your dad some relief while doing physio which will be well worth it!! Best wishes!!