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help! should I have a fusion or not?

Started by Mrs Parker on 01/18/2019 1:06am

Hi! I'm hurt my back a few years ago and I had surgery october 2018 and ha d a laminectomy with discectomy on my l4 l5. I had a 1cm disc extrusion which was causing severe spinal stenosis and excruciating pain in both my legs. After the surgery my leg pain was gone. It seems like after 4 weeks post up I started having horriable back pain. After about 8 weeks my doc cleared me to bend and this is when I noticed my back popping not only when I bend but when I go to roll over in bed anx the pops can be very painful. Doc told me he's not sure what the popping is, but he want me to try and live life in the pain I'm in for 2 more months and he said if I feel that this pain is to hars to live with them he will do a fusion on my l4 l5 and possiable s1. But my question is will this ger rid of my pain and pops in my back. If I go through with the fusion is it really the right decision? How do I decide if a fuaion is the right decision? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Normally on spinal fusion there is heigh risk for loosen of screw . I had done spinal fusion before 4 month and now doctor told me now I need to do another operation for tighting for screw so its not totally safe