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Herniated Disc

Started by Codyyyy on 01/21/2019 11:04pm

Okayyy now I don’t even know where to begin. I am a 16 year old female and I have been living with increasing sever pain now for 11 months. This all began with minor pain in my upper right back and it would begin to hurt when I was siting in school. It felt like a spasm and was beginning to creat a lot of discomfort in February. I went to acupuncture and got the traditional needles and cupping, after 5 session and a lot of pain later nothing helped so I was told to try something else. I was then recommended to try holistic therapy and one again that did not help. After that I went to the chriopractor and went through 12 session doing music sim, resetting my neck scraping and everything else. That did not help so then my doctor sent me to PT. Again after 12 session it is now almost the end of the summer and the pain is getting worse and nothing has given me any relief. I finally got an mri and it shows I had 4 bulging discs, I had prolotherapy done in my back. Then and was recommend to a pain specialist. He wanted a cervical mri and that showed 4 more bulging discs and one herniated in in t5-t6. I went in prendisone which helped while I wa staking it but then the pain came back. I then had to go to 12 more session of intenser therapy and then got a cortisone injection. After that failed to help I went to a nuerosurgeon and he put me in methloprenisone. That again did nothing, I really need help on what to do. I am an extremely athletic girl that has been forced to stop doing what I love, volleyball and track because it cause me pain. Tha pain has gotten so bad everyday sitting in school I cannot focus on what I am doing because I am in constant pain which the only way I can describe it is a knife stuck in my back. I text my mom forms chool everyday in tearswanting her to pick me up. The pain has gotten worse and now I have weakness down my right arm. Also everyone told me it was my posture which it is not, I wore a posture brace for 4 weeks and no help

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