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Back pain

Started by Lindasue on 01/22/2019 12:04am

I have had two back surgeries. Brackets from L5 to S1. First surgery the bone graff did not take. Its been 1 year now and i still have sever pain. Can hardly stand at the end of the day. Can these brackets be taken out? Or could it be never pain...? I'm so confused. Not sure which way to turn. But I know if something isn't fixed. I'll end up in a wheel chair... i cant take walks. No exercise. Going up and down stairs is very painful. please advise what i should do.. thank you. Linda

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I feel for you. I had an MRI done the other day because I can’t take the pain anymore. I cant walk more than 50 to 60 ft without my lower left leg feeling like it is on fire. I have to stop, take 5minutes bent over to get through the pain to start walking again. I cant lay down on my left side without the feeling of pain in my left inside thigh. My feet and toes constantly feeling numb and that pain feeling in my back all the time. I can deal with the pain in back, its normal to me, but the leg and foot numbness along with the hot steel burning in my lower leg. I had a ACDF c5-c7 done over 2 1/2 yrs ago, so pain tolerance is pretty good. I dont like taking drugs or Norco unless absolutely needed. I have been trying MM as an alternative up to this point. I am being referred for injections????

What symptoms got you to the surgeries? Did you try injections first? My issues are L5-S1 as well