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Two Fusion Surgeries 9 mos Apart

Started by Nat511 on 01/23/2019 9:54am

Here’s my story,
I struggled with back pain for roughly 30 years. DDD, spondylitis, retrolisthesis, stenosis, spondlyolisthesis nd fractured vertebrae we’re all in my diagnosis. I had finally had enough and had a L2-L3 fusion 4/2018. We also decompressed L5-S1 hoping to release the stenosis without having to fuse.

3 mo after the first surgery I took a cruise in the Baltic and walked 4-6 miles everyday, and had no pain on an 8 hour plane trip. I was so happy to be moving that well and pain free!

About month 5 mo post op my pain started to come back. It built quickly and got very strong and was limiting activities. By 6 months I couldn’t stand a 1 hour car ride or walk a mile without pain and lumbar cramping.

When it got really bad 11/2018 My surgeon ordered a MRI and my back was a hot mess! Unfortunately the decompression just made the lowest segments more unstable - feeling like my spine would collapse if I didn’t hold it together. I had a lot of muscle cramping in that area and radiating pain down both legs. Two vertebra had shifted back (retrolisthesis) and one forward (spondylitis), I had ruptured disc and a spinal cyst had formed from leakage from the first surgery and was pressing on my spinal cord, and the whole L4-S1 had inflammation. The L2-L3 fusion site looked great though, so from that perspective the fusion hadn’t failed.

I didn’t plan on living with anymore pain! So we did the big surgery I had originally tried to avoid - Fusion L2-S2. 1/3/2019 (9 months after my first surgery). I went back in and using 2 rods, 12 screws, 5 cages we fused it all!

I am 3 weeks post op now 1/22/19 and soooo happy! My spine feels so secure and all my radiating pain is gone. I see a lot of stories here where fusion surgery went great but then 6mo out or so the pain comes back. That’s how mine went! But don’t settle for the pain. I really urge anyone whose pain comes roaring back to go get checked. Make sure everything is as it should be, and if not get it fixed, again!

Good Luck To All❣️

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