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Severe pain and weakness in leg, but feel like a fake....

Started by itsmepaul on 01/27/2019 12:24pm

Hi everyone, my first post here after searching for pain remedies. I'm Paul from Cornwall, ex-paramedic and currently care for my disabled daughter. So I've had this pain in my lower back for around 2 years. The pain radiates around my buttocks then down the side of my hip into my leg. It's so bad today I can hardly walk. I've had a MRI and X-rays and all show clear, I'm fairly sure its sciatic nerve related but struggling to find the cause. I must admit, I sometimes feel I'm being seen as a faker (I only wish). So where do I go from here? Doctor fobs me off with so Co-codamal and Naproxin and gabapentin which barely works. Every day is a struggle, I cant interact with my children, I struggle to do duties around the house, I feel guilty I'm not pulling my weight.
Meds work a bit and to be honest would be hopeless without them. however there only suppressing 20% of the pain. What would you guys suggest?

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Sorry to hear this Paul. I am a Post man in the States of over 20 years and my body finally gave in several years ago with multiple shot disks, arthritis and severe spinal stenosis from being a pack mule for a living. You are describing the beginning of my journey in your post. I too was dismissed at first with first set of exams and it was only when an attorney sent me on to a second opinion, set of X-Rays, MRI's that I was told why my left side was giving out and bending me over with pain when it wasn't just dead in place. Pain medicine does help but you have to keep in mind the damage that it is doing to your livers and kidneys when used long term. The final solution for my situation was physical therapy which retrained me to listen to my body and what it was asking me to do. Once I start feeling that radiating ache in my buttocks I know what is coming so I stop anything and everything I am doing while it goes down a bit and then I do the yoga stretches my physical therapist showed me. Most times it allows me to completely avoid that horrible ache down the leg that not only makes it useless but feels like it is turning into the Incredible Hulks leg on its own. If the symptoms have not completely gone away I reach into my coat and bring out the collapsable cane I carry with me in order to keep weight off of that side of my body and let my upper half bend over as much as possible (to avoid pinching affected nerve) and not topple over while doing this with only one good leg. I went from having these symptoms every hour of every waking moment and even while sleeping and moving the wrong way to only dealing with this a couple times a day and mostly as a result of walking more than I am really supposed to. Oh, and as much as I want to I can never carry any real weight around without asking for trouble from a spine that punishes you when gravity takes over.