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After Back Surgery

Started by Buchanan on 01/28/2019 7:30am

I had my third back surgery August 16, 2018. First surgery in 2005, second one in January 2017. After surgery I could not walk and I was swollen up so badly all the way to my feet. My right foot was so painful because it would turn inward. Had to spend time at a rehab facility, in home therapy and now going to out patient therapy.
My problem is my right side. I had no control over my right knee and barley could pick my feet up. I can not walk without the walker, still have muscle spasm, right knee hyperextension, and for some reason the right leg is so heavy. My nerves was damage due to the extent surgery but they have been repairing themselves. Feel like lighting striking.
I have been practicing walking without my walker but the right knee gives me problems. Yes my back still hurts but I think it may be the hard ware. I can take care of my own self and can do everything I was doing before surgery and this includes driving even with the heavy right leg. I also have a brace for right leg/feet that helps just a little bit.
I am doing better but is there anyone who has had the problems that I am having or still having some of these issues?

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