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Vetebrae damage c1-c3 5.5yrs no treatment

Started by Lastnamedavis2 on 02/07/2019 4:41pm

5.5yrs ago I felt a the intense pain and a severe burn afterwards at the base of my skull and went to doctors who never would do a x ray. Many years and er visits later I finally had a doctor order it. Today I was told over phone I had severe damage to the vertebrae with degenerative disk disease and arthritis. I go in for consultation and to order a MRI in 4 days and I'm concerned about what going 5.5yrs with a busted c1 will do? What would surgery do? Bad or good. It does burn alot and I have bad days where the top vertebrae feels left of center and I get a intense pain that radiates to my top left of forehead. My neck will feel like a cyborg has grabbed my spine and is twisting it as hes ripping it out of my skull is best explanation. I can turn my neck, have full mobility of all body, breath, drive etc just hurts if I turn wrong more than the constant pain. If I raise arms or single arm above shoulder it goes numb from shoulder to finger tip after a minute or two. Does same if I put pressure on my shoulders in outward or downward position. My mid back does hurt alot but considered it posture however in the mornings I do have extreme lower back bone pain that gets better as I move around and couple hours pass. I am not disabled... what am I in for?

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