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Neck Fusion 4-7

Started by Timerra97 on 02/07/2019 5:02pm

My symptoms started about 10 yrs. Ago with headaches, some lasted up to 7 days. For treatment for the headaches which were like thunder when the pain hit, my right hand was the 2nd symptom, it would tingle go numb, I was told it was coming from the headaches. A few years went by and the numbness in my hand started to hurt 24 hs. a day. The 3rd symptom was my right foot mostly my pinky toe causing me difficulty was a block. Finally more test was done, findings were I had digerative disc from 4-7 in my neck area. Referred to a surgeon who said that my disc had resolved to only small pieces and if someone were to tap my car that it could snap my neck. Well of course I had the surgery and soon befain to feel a little better until about 4 months ago, I had therapy, injections in my back and none of it was helping so I finally went back to the surgeon and found that my neck didn't heal correctly and that is why the pain got worse. I was put on duloxetine and recently found out that one of the side affects could cause worsening for your eye sight if you have an eye condition, so now I can't see at night so I don't go out when it's dark. I will be seeing the surgeon next week to see what my options are because the pain is now moving to the left side of my body. So much pain. VJ

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