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Post L4L5 fusion: Injury

Started by Roz on 02/09/2019 1:29pm

Post 2015 L4L5 pericles screw fusion I could not lift my left foot or walk 5 ft without excruciating, crippling pain. Since then I have had multiple PT sessions (no help) extensive pain mgmt, multiple f/u MRIs and every test known to rule out any unrelated disorders, monthly injections, ongoing pain meds, bed ridden for 18 months post surgery, couldn't sit 5 minutes or stand at all without total crippling pain unless I laid down. Was able to be up maybe an hour or so the next year. April 2018 had Spine Stimulator Implant (no help) December 2018 I requested left SI joint radio frequency ablation. This provided the first real semi relief of any of the previous treatments. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced similar post surgery issues similar to mine? I have never obtained even an opinion as to what could have caused all of this. ( The fusion did relieve the pain for which I had the fusion which was no disc left.) I don't know is the answer I always get to my questions for at least some opinion or a referral to someone who has a credible, educated, experienced, seasoned medical opinion. I have recently wondered if the SI joint issue could be caused from a pedicle screw being over tightended??? I know how an oversight screw into wood, metal etc causes distortion in that alignment and seems highly likely it would cause similar in our joints. MRI shows ok placement but it surely would not show the screw being over tight. I would so appreciate feedback about getting to the underlying cause and if anyone has had successful diagnosis and repair?? I was active in recreational sports prior to fusion. Since surgery, crippled with little current hope for getting much better. I feel so much empathy for all of you who suffer with this debilitating, depressing pain. Thank you for taking the time to share with me your encounters with similar circumstances and suggestions.

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