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C5-c7 fusion

Started by Jeffcw0515 on 02/14/2019 1:18pm

I had a bad snowboarding accident about 11 years ago. C5 was completely destroyed due to compression fracture. Surgeon (dr Igor Fineman) from Glendale did a great job fusing c5-7. Lots and lots of Pt and overall I feel pretty good, still 11 years later. My issue is my lower vertebrae. I landed on my tailbone from a huge jump. The force of hitting ground so hard is what destroyed c5. I get bad nerve pain in lower back Any suggestions on new techniques. I don’t want another fusion. And haven’t done opioids in about 7 years, so pain can b excruciating. Good luck to everyone going thru any kind of spinal problems. Mine could have been easily avoided. Never drink a lot of liquor and get liquid courage to take the biggest, iciest jump in the park And as far as the puns and needles in your hands from c5 injuries, it DID go away eventually. Such a nightmare prior to going away. Again good luck and stick w your PT. Sincerely, Jeff Wilson— will_olllo Instagram

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Hi Jeff....I just joined this site today so I am pretty new at this, but I was scrolling around and read your note.Sorry to hear about your injuries. I have been in three car accidents...none my fault. The first one resulted in cervical fusion from C3-C7...big fusion. That was a loooong time ago and cadaver bone plugs were used in the fusion, but all in all after all of the surgeries I did well, too. Then in 1998 my husband and I both were disabled from another car accident. For me I then had to have back surgery (that failed) and due to the type of failure it was, it started a deteriorating process of my lumbar spine. My back now is such a wreck my neurosurgeon wants to fuse 3 lumbar disks and put stablizing rods in. I don't even want to go there and the pain is excruciating. I'm just too old and have other health issues now. Then in 2016 a lady ran a red light, plowed into us and we sustained more injuries, most that cannot be repaired. It finished off the disk that sits under the fusion and also ruptured T1-2. It further injured my back; also tore a muscle in my shoulder, plus other cuts, bruises, etc. I was trapped in the car for awhile. It's only by the grace of God that we weren't hurt worse than we were (our car was totaled). It has pretty much been a downward spiral since then. I'm homebound now and in a boat load of pain! Anyway, I can identify with your situation. Those tailbone injuries you speak of are no joke!!! They are very painful. Have you ever tried alternative methods for pain and have you had a recent MRI of your lower back? The pain methods I'm speaking about are radiofrequency nerve ablations, epidurals, nerve blocks, and more. I have been trying to get relief by going this route (plus every comfort measure known to man!). I've learned alot over the last 20+ years. I was a critical care RN prior to being disabled....I spend alot of time on the internet searching for answers so that I can have some quality of life before Idrop dead, but that remains to be seen. If you don't mind me asking, how old are you and are you disabled? Would love to chat with you....Wendy A.