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HELP c5-6 bulge and major pain. Please read.

Started by hammela on 02/15/2019 12:44pm

Hello. Ive spent 6 months with pain from my neck down to my chest, ribs, sternum and hands. After moving (strain) I began to even get episodes when I bent my wrists with pressure that I would feel like I got a major electric shock. I have been dismissed due to having lyme disease and CIRS from mold, hiatal hernia. Was told this pain was all costocondritis and dismissed. I have a hard time doing day to day tasks such as laundry or any cleaning. Typing has even become an issue. I had an MRI 2 weeks ago because I began having electrical sensations in my pelvic floor. A chiropractor listened to me and ordered MRI. IT showed focal posterior and left paracentral disc protrusion causing compression of the ventral dural sac and indentation over the cervical spinal cord. Also showed mild posterior disc bulge indenting the ventral dural sac in c6-c7. It will be 2 more weeks before I see a doctor. can these symptoms be caused by this MRI findings? OR am I just hopeless as the traditional med doctors seem to think? I used to run over 5 miles a day and be very active Right now I am out of shape and everything hurts. The arm pain down left arm makes me feel like I am having heart issues but it's 100% healthy. Any ideas??? Maybe just being heard will help. God bless you all.

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Hi...just ran across your post. I hope I can give you some things to think about. First, I have benin 3 car accidents...#1 resulted in fusions from C3-7. Did OK for about 20 years then another accident in 1998 that totally disabled both my husband and I. Many injuries/surgeries. Then in 2016 a lady ran a red light, totaled our car, I was trapped for awhile...more injuries, many that cannot be repaired. I was a critical care RN prior to all of this and am constantly seeking out medical info. Sometimes I wish I didn't know what I know, but it has proven helpful in my search for anything that will give me quality of life. First of all, are you disabled. It sounds like you have enough going on to BE disabled. If you really had costochronditis,what did they do a bout it? NOthing? Answering your question, in my opinion, yes, what they found on youyr MRI could definitely be causing these symptoms. You are not hopeless!! I have been to more than my share of doctors that just "blew me off" as they have done to you. I can identify totally with your inability to accomplish much in a day....I can't either. I can't go to church, I can't play with my 6 year old great-grandsons, I can't attend family functions, and the list goes on. I also cannot afford to hire someone to help me with the house...oh well!! I would love to know what the new doctor says to you about the MRI findings. I would encourage you to educate yourself the best you can so that when you see him/her you can ask very specific questions. Some doctors are so judgmental and it seems that the ones that deal with pain are the worst. These days, docs are trying to see so many patiens in a day, you are lucky if they will actually focus on YOU for ten minutes.....so don't let their issues be your issues. If this new doctor isn't the one to help you, keep looking. Don't waste your time on those who just don't care. You eventually will find the right one. I pray every day for God to guide my path to the right people, and finally, after many, many years I have a terrific team of specialists to help me with all of the different diagnoses I now have. Don't give up.....have a blessed day.....Wendy : )