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Back pain stimulators

Started by Pain boy on 02/27/2019 7:34pm

I've had 17 surgeries I've had seven back surgeries I'm fused from S1 to L4 L4 L5 has been fused three times to get it to take and they give me a back stimulator and told me to take care of all of my pain but you know what the back stimulator does not work it actually causes me more pain than what I had pain medication doesn't work so great I took pain medication for 16 years so my my pain opiate stimulators or pretty much burned out and I guess the only thing left for me the doctor I got in Boise Idaho to get to take the stimulator out because it's the battery pack is causing so much pain in my back he said it should have never been put in there to start with as much damage as I had so I'm hoping to find a doctor that will put a pain pump and I don't want to take pills I hate pills they're too easy to take one too many and then you come up short and you feel like crap and I don't want to go through that I'm tired of that

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