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Started by RVB on 03/07/2019 11:14pm

I had my first surgery discectomy l5-s1 lamidectomy any fusionon Nov 19 2018 . I was in the hospital for 6 days . After I was discharged from the hospital I continued to have extreme pain . It was getting so bad and then my bladder starting emptying itself . I had zero bladder control. My husband phoned the surgeons office and they told us to go the emergency and once I’m there the Surgeon will see me . Needless to say I had to sit it the waiting room for hours . Anyone that’s had spinal surgery knows sitting for hours is not possible . The pain was getting worse by the minute .i finally got in . By this time my legs felt as though they were on fire . I just wanted to die . Tbere was a different surgeon on call that day . He ordered a Cat Scan . It appeared the spacer cage had shifted and was pushing on my spinal cord .and I required emergency surgery. I had the second surgery Dec 8 2018 . After the surgery the surgeon said fusion debris broke off and also the screws weren’t tight . I’m now 3 months post surgery . I still have intense pain and I can’t sit or stand too long . When I first lie down it feels like my back is about to break .. I can’t describe the pain . I have pain in both legs . I seen my surgeon for my follow up . I had a X-ray prior to the appointment. It now appears the area that the nerve root leaves the spinal cord has collapsed. So the nerve’s have been compressed once again . I’m so frustrated ... I feel like crying all the time . I don’t know how to feel right now . The surgeon says I’ll require more surgery . I had the. Cat scan last Saturday March 2 2019 . I hysterically don’t know what to do . I haven’t had a full nights sleep in a couple years . I just know this constant pain I’m in is unbearable. I’m sorry for going on but I just needed to vent . Has anyone experienced this before ?

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I haven't gone through THAT, but I totally understand your frustration. My back problems started two years ago. I've had 3 surgeries on L5/S1- the last was a fusion in October. I've had back and nerve pain the last two months and am waiting for approval for another mri to determine if I'm smarter than my surgeon ( I think L4/L5 herniated, he doesn't :) )

Most of the last two years have been spent in bed in pain.

Hopefully you're feeling better now