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Struggling to walk fast..Could this be due to nerve root damage in my L5-S1?

Started by theunknown1029 on 03/21/2019 4:04pm

I have been dealing with horrible lower back and leg pain for almost 3 years now. After going to many doctors finally one doctor has set up and MRI for 2 weeks from today for my back and thinks I could have possible encroachment on my L5-S1 nerve root causing my pain or a possible herniated disc, he also requested a nerve test for my left leg. I have noticed in the last 3 years that running is a no go for me and puts me in horrible pain but I also noticed that if I try to speed walk my legs get overly tired and ache within seconds. I have read that muscle weakness can be a sign of nerve damage but I'm not sure if this is what I am dealing with. Has anyone else with nerve damage to their lower back or legs dealt with what I am explaining when speed walking? Thanks for any insight, it's appreciated.

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Hi, I am dealing with the same thing, symptoms. I had to get an MRI done, found l5/s1 compressed herniated , dehydrated disc. I had a set of shots a month ago and it didn’t help. I had a set of shots yesterday, and cautiously optimistic right now as it hasn’t hurt yet since shot. I haven’t walked to test it yet, but laying down it didn’t hurt much. I also developed atrophy in left leg, very visible and noticeable.


I have been dealing with the same thing i noticed my walking fast at first then i started having balance issues no one could figure out why then this year i had pain in my bottom and in my legs and went to the doctor they put me on steroids and PT and within two weeks i as on a walker i had a MRI and found out i had a herniated disk and i have no choice but to do surgery next week i have severe weakness in my legs and my feet