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Posted in: Back pain, and Chronic pain.

Fusion L3 thru L5

Started by Pollypolecat on 04/07/2019 6:21pm

Hi...my husband has had SEVERE pain in the top of his right buttock for years (but no pain down his leg) but a year ago it became unbearable & he was prescribed Gabapentin, slow release morphine tablets & Oramorph. After consulting wth a top UK spinal surgeon, who did a SPECT scan as well as MRI & X-rays, a double fusion was said to be needed. He operated 1st thru the back & then thru the abdomen...2 days apart. The pain after was something to behold! Well, my husband is now 5 months post OP but still has the same pain as b4 the darn ops. In fact I would say the pain is worse & hangs around for far longer. Night time & mornings are 'the pits' for his pain. He can't sit for long, stand for long or walk for long. Consequently he hardly leaves our home & is now drug dependent having been on the 'nasty'meds for so long. The consultant says he MUST walk a lot more but.. walking really kicks off his pain BIG time. Has anyone else had a fusion for buttock pain & experienced a similar scenario? Is 5 months long enough for the pain to have started subsiding & does anybody know if muscle relaxant would help. Desperate for your input as it is awful to think hes been thru such major surgery ,& reaped no benefit.

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