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Had L4-S1 fusion, now L3-4 Adjacent Segment Disc Herniation

Started by Kristine1963 on 04/18/2019 12:09am

Hello. In 2013 I had an L4-L5 and L5-S1 PLIF. I've had all kinds of problems, mostly related to my SI joints. In the last year my legs have grown weak and have decreased reflexes. I have left drop foot and some atrophy in my shin.

I've developed a new problem though. A huge disc extrusion at L3-L4.

Wondering if anyone else has had a herniation of an adjacent segment. Did you have surgery? Did it help? Did the herniation come back?


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I had L5/S1 fusion surgery in October and think I herniated L4/L5 two months ago. After two microdiscectomies and a fusion in the last two years, I'd rather skip straight to fusion I'm waiting for approval for another mri. Curious about what the surgeon might suggest since I have existing instrumentation and I'm not sure if he can fuse a new herniation right next to the existing fusion.


I'm waiting to get approval to see the surgeon. My primary doc downplays the herniation, says millions of people are walking around like that. Maybe, but I think it's a big issue being right above the fusion and it's 3/4" x 1/2" x 1/4".

I'll see what the surgeon says, but I don't like the idea of more fusion. What next, problems above that level? And if he does a discectomy, won't it always have a tendency to reherniate?

Thanks for the response, very interested in your outcome.


Sounds like we have the same concerns! Are they going to keep herniating one after the other?, the stress a fusion puts on the adjacent discs, how many fusions are possible, etc.

I thankfully don't have to get permission to see my surgeon. I wouldn't say he downplays anything, but he generally tells me "I don't think you reherniated". My first was 7 X 10mm. Reherniated six months after microdiscectomy. 2.7 CENTIMETERS! Reherniated immediately- 2.5 cm (probably as soon as I moved or was moved). He's been shocked by the severity and how quickly it blew out. Maybe someday he'll understand that when I say "something's wrong" something is actually wrong :)