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Past Lumbar surgeries recent changes

Started by LarryL on 06/13/2019 3:12pm

I have had 2 old lumbar surgeries years ago! A Laminectomy/ Discectomy in the 80’s then did well many years. Then around 2002 had a Anterior fusion through the stomach into lower back. I suffered for many years Chronic Pain but tried to still be somewhat active. The pain controls what I can & cant do but recently I went to just put my shoes on after I took a shower when getting dressed and felt pain in my lower back. Then within about an hour I noticed the pain got so severe I started to have extreme pain when rising up from seated position with a cane for assistance. I am unable to straighten up the pressure & pain is so severe. I stand for a minute or two then I try to slide my feet in baby steps just to get to my bed to lay down. Getting into bed is very painful and difficult also. I have to gingerly roll onto my back but then I’m unable to turn or move at all. To get up I roll on my side 1 leg at a time and push up with my hand on side of rail to get myself upward. It hurts so much it’s not normal feeling. I can describe it has feeling like I’ve been stabbed into the low-back spine area & it’s still stuck in me because of the immense pain with pressure feeling! I have tried heat for 4 days but no changes so I told my wife if not better in a day then I’m ready to go to the ER to get checked but I’m scared somethings wrong. Is it possible that my fusion might have broke loose ? I’m worried sick if it is then what does that mean? I took a serious of those back cortisone injections last year that did not work at all so I quit them. I’m sick of injections that don’t work and end up with a costly bill and me still in pain but this is different type of pain. This past week it’s now become literally unbearable! So I have a feeling somethings broken or ruptured and this amount of pain isn’t normal. I am so worried now

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I just saw your post and am so very sorry to hear this. I hope you have seen an ortho doc or someone who can take a peek and see whats up. I have had 5 spine surgeries and a hip replacement and am now in need of 2 shoulder replacements so it I hard to type here. if you see this please let me know whats going on..

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