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Screws feel like they came out

Started by kaykay2019 on 07/29/2019 12:13am

This is Kay Kay 2019 I had back surgery 3 years ago and my surgeon decided he wanted to drop me as a patient and it feels like the screws have backed out so what Dr. do I need to go see NEED HELP ASAP. thinking about just giving up.

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Is there any way your PM will prescribe a ct scan?


I have asked but the neurologist haven't set me an appointment yet


The screws may eventually back out all the way, jab into and/or thru something and cause you to experience great mind blowing excruciating pain and a ride in an ambulance to your favorite hospital, SCREAMING all the way. Trust me! I speak from experience.

Although, at the hospital, if they are able to control your pain somewhat, maybe with copious amounts of morphine and valium, the greatest quantities allowed by law or God, you'll also, by default and extreme emergency, be blessed with a new Neuro-surgeon.

That, for me, was less than 4.5 years ago. Along with a great Trauma, I did Thankfully get a new neurosurgeon, and so... here I am... with a complete spine full of hardware, all but C1& C2, and my SI Joints, which not quite part of the spine, per se, are next. Research those babies! Hope you never enjoy their excruciating qualities. Right now, mine are shot from trying to hold up a totem pole, shots aren't working, so pins and fusion is necessary, but can't be done right now due to very recent surgery to repair broken rods around L3 (I'm leaving the hospital as we speak after having the surgery, with complications 4.5 weeks ago).

One thing leads to another, as per the terrorist attack on the twin towers , where floor by crashing floor is the example.

At this very moment, after having yet more surgery this year for broken rods I am being assisted by my nurse, who pops in once in a while to help me, packing up to leave the hospital, where I've been staying for over 4 weeks, after my 3rd surgery this year, 20 altogether, after my screws at L3 popped out, 4.5 yrs. ago.

You've probably heard people say things like, "I could write a book... about... whatever...". I know for a fact that I could write a Best Seller regarding my experiences and horrible adventures with my so wonderfully tortured spine. I totally believe my book would be, to "Spinies" Worldwide, amazing, enlightening, eye opening, educational, and even unbelievable and exciting. A book no true Spiney will be able to put down.

So, the moral of the story is, leave your 2 extricating screws alone, and you too may end up with a great, yet extremely Painful, book in it.

Your Friend. Screwed in Pain,

John B. (Spiney)

Ps. Don't Give Up!