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Upper back pain near spine - burning

Started by sohara on 08/26/2019 5:18pm

Hi All,

Quick recap. For years I've had a weird trigger point just to the left of my spine around mid-back. If I put it into the corner of a wall it would hurt applying pressure, but not too bad. More like if you massage a knot in your back. Sometimes it would hurt more than others.

Fast forward to today. I tore my knee and was lifting my kids with a lot of my back trying to keep the pressure off my leg (ie, leaning over from bed to reach into crib, pulling kid out, etc.) I did this for about a month or two. Over the course of about 3 or 4 days my back went from hurting when I lifted them (in same spot as the old trigger point) to full on burning sensation that feels like a nerve screaming in agony. Hurts like crazy. It gets worse when walking or standing for a period of time and I'm forced to lean over with hands on knees to relieve pressure on the spine. Then the burning sensation immediately goes away. Same lying down. Goes away for the most part.

I went to see a chiropractor and he did some adjustments, felt it might be a rib.. but since then the nerve pain spread after he did adjustments. Closer to my spine.

I've scheduled an appt with a back doctor to get to the bottom of it, but has anyone experienced this? Or have any idea what this could be and what you did to correct this?


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Its better to get an MRI ASAP, to see if there is any disk bulge, and also based on your symptom evaluation by doctor. It would help you to know if this can be treated by conservative way or surgery intervention is needed.

Praying for your recovery