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Posted in: Back pain.

Horrific pain in lower back

Started by Joe payton on 08/29/2019 12:57am

I have this terrible pain in my lower back started about four weeks ago it’s like getting electrical shock and so much more maybe like is a bunch of knives going into it it’s the second worst pain I’ve ever felt comes and goes throughout my days at work and it’s so bad it’s debilitating I’m trying to figure out what it could be because the doctors have been misdiagnosed me for years with my back I had add osteomyelitis of. The spine 10 years ago that’s the worst pain I’ve ever felt does anybody have a clue what this could be The pain at times is so bad I actually scream out but it’s located in right of my lower spine in one section maybe the size of a 12 circle and today after the shock it started making my legs numb

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Hi, Joe - I’m so sorry to hear of your severe low back pain!! You might find some direction from articles on this site on back pain. Just click on the menu (3 lines at upper left) and select Conditions, then back pain. This should give you info about some options you might have and when to see a doctor. I would also suggest getting an MRI of your lower spine. That’s the best way to see what is going!! Best wishes!!


Joe Payton - DO NOT stay the way your are. Get an MRI asap. I had those exact symptoms a few years ago and collapsed due to my disc exploding in the end - I had to learn to walk again and I cannot ballet dance on my blocks anymore, it was horribly painful. The Discetomy was amazing I am now pain free..


Get an MRI of whole ASAP. I had similar shock sensation in my legs especially when I stretch my neck looking up or down. they found one of the disk was severely compressing my spinal cord. Had an ACDF surgery and nine month post op now.Doing decent !