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Nerve Pain???

Started by Donnie.2020 on 01/21/2020 8:47pm

Hi, have been suffering from lower back pain, Neck pain and numbness in hands with pain across fingers also sometimes i get like my leg is going to go from beneath me. The last MRI showed a slight bulge in my lower spine but nothing else so am at a loss to what is causing my pain? Does anyone else know what this could be? Currently on Tramadol/Co-Codamol/Gapapentin and Duluxine any thing better i could take?

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Hi Friend ,

I have been here . Those constant back pains when i used to bend or stand or engage in any physical activity. It lead me to be inactive at work , with family and most importantly led me towards anxiety and depression. A friend of mine who works in the health industry then recommended me a simple device to get rid of this pain permanently. I absolutely cut back medication after consulting mý doctor and used this device as a desperate call for healing my issue.And trust me , it worked like magic after just a single use. Hope it helps you too. You can check it out atwww.spineyogi.com . I guess they have an ongoing offer too celebrating the Healthy Spine Week.


The great thing is that MRI's aren't showing much causation at your spinal level!

From there alternative therapies excel. The problem (like anything) becomes, who or where to go. First, I'd suggest trying to find the closest practitioner to you who has great online 3rd party reviews. We need that level of transparency to sift through and expose the practitioner's abilities.

If you want help looking feel free to message me.


Hi Donnie,

I am a pre-med student experiencing similar symptoms of “sciatica” due to lower spinal problems. I don’t have pain in my arms or neck as you’ve described, only in my right leg.

From what you’ve said, I think it’s unusual to experience neck pain and arm/hand pain from a lower (lumbar region) injury. From what I understand, most cases of lower back injuries tend to affect nerves to the lower extremities of the body. I could be wrong.

From what you’ve said, I think it would be best to push your doctor to seek more information about your injury. Id highly recommend for now to hydrate, and stretch throughout the day. You could have inflammation or tight muscles irritating some nerves causing that feeling of numbness. Id also recommend looking into the McKenzie method. If you have a slight bulge, extension exercises are great to allow space for that disc to be pushed back into spot. Really focus on centralizing that pain. It’s important for the arm pain and leg pain to centralize to the root of the problem.

I hope this helps, things will get better. Injuries like this take time. Time heals everything. I have three budging discs causing lots of pain and stretching and hydrating has helped immensely. I take one gabapentin before bed and sleep on the floor with legs elevated. Listen to your body, if stretching helps, do it! Find a position to sleep that helps, if you wake up in pain, find a new one!

Lastly, id recommend seeking physical therapy, and really learning about your injury and ways to cope/heal. Don’t be discouraged, you will get better with time, it takes effort and energy to get there! Just take it one day at a time, and listen to your body. Hang in there.