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Posted in: Back pain, and Chronic pain.

In pain for over year

Started by Nstepro on 01/28/2020 1:06pm

So a little over year ago my back pain got worse and I hip pain too. I left putter thigh started to feel numb but if I stand or walk for long period of time it’s burns really bad the pain is sometimes unbearable. I also have this big knot almost over half my upper thigh. I have been going to pain clinic for year now and they keep doing injections in my back which I have arthritis in lower lumbar area. I had nerve block also done. Nothing has helped with the pain and today at my appointment she precess to tell me well ur leg pain and the knot ur feeling is a ligament pain. So now they want to do injections in my leg. I’m so over this and tired of them acting like nothing wrong it is affecting my ability to work full time. I don’t know what else to do at this point.

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Hi Friend ,

I have been here . Those constant back pains when i used to bend or stand or engage in any physical activity. It led me to be inactive at work , with family and most importantly led me towards anxiety and depression. A friend of mine who works in the health industry then recommended me a simple device to get rid of this pain permanently. And trust me , it worked like magic after just a single use. Hope it helps you too. You can check it out atwww.spineyogi.com . I guess they have an off too celebrating the Healthy Spine Week.
Used it for a month now and i feel much lighter and confortable in my back.