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New to this Group...

Started by jarrett579 on 08/25/2020 12:18pm

Hello. I recently had a lower back MRI, and have received the report. But, I don't quite understand it. Is anyone able to translate this into layman's terms?

L2-L3: Preserved disc space height with facet hypertrophic changes and mild ligamentum hypertrophy without canal or foraminal stenosis.

L1-2, L3-4, L4-5, L5-S1: Preserved disc space height with facet hypertrophic changes without canal or foraminal stenosis.

Impression: Mild multi level facet hypertrophic changes, but overall no high-grade canal or foraminal stenosis and no discrete disc extrusion or definite neural compression.

Thanks for any information you can provide!!!

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Hi Jarrett

well im new as well to the forum and my issues are in my neck
but from what i can see

id trade you my mri for yours anyday :)

i do not diangose and am not qualified to but i can say that your mri is not worrisome in the least
sounds like you have some joint growth (bony spurring) but its pretty vanilla
we all have levels of this, totally normal
i dont know what your symptoms are
but the report is not alarming at all land im sure others will attest to it
good luck...