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l5 s1 compression

Started by Raul51 on 08/29/2020 7:01pm

I had l5 s1 compression on my nerve so bad , the pain was horrible.
the insurance didn't want to pay for surgery , because 2 of their dr's agreed that there was no need for surgery
what the point of having insurance when they only look out for their own benefit and leave the patient to suffer.
I decide to go to the country where I was born (I am a u.s citizen been here in California for 40yrs).and got the surgery
L5 s1 disc decompression its been 11months since surgery and I don't regret it, I'm still healing but I can walk, sit
with no pain .We may live in a country that has all the recourses to help people, but we are all business to them
and they will do what's best in their interest, Insurance companies are the worst they are very good at collecting their money
but when it comes to paying out of their pocket they'll try their best not to and leave the patient to suffer...
if any one wants info on my dr...fell free to write me..
My Dr. graduated from Rush University and University of Guadalajara he is a neurosurgeon and spine specialist.

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Hi, my age is 39, I have same L5 S1 disc compression of 2/3rd.
I had seviour pain in my right buttocks and below knee muscle, felt numbness in front half of the foot and had difficulty in walking. Based on MRI doctor suggested for surgery but as try suggested for Pelvic home traction for 6 to 8 hrs per day.

With pelvic traction for 10 days my foot and walking style got recovered and doctor suggested to reduce the traction timings day by day and stop traction and continue to do back strengthening exercises.

When I go for second opinion with another doctor, he recommends for surgery to avoid future risks.

Please suggest what should I go for.

As of now I'm carefully doing my activities but when I sit for long time I feel little tinkling like pain in my buttocks and pain goes off when I take rest for some time.