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spondylolethesis L5/S1 dome shaped sacral endplate with circumferntial belt lift plastic surgery

Started by leechetta on 10/16/2010 8:56am

Drs. Hsieh, Ondra, Wienecke, O'Shaughnessy, Koski.

I came across your journal article ...A Novel Approach Saggital Balance.....
It contains very important information. As a person with S!/L5 spondylolethesis and a dome shaped sacral endplate I commend you for efforts to understand the angle differences that need to be considered with us.

I underwent very successful surgery in 1984 L5/S1 fusion from anterior approach by Neurosurgeon Dr. Horst Blume.
I was placed in circular striker bed for several months afterward. Surgery was a pretty big deal and I lived a very happy pain free existence afterwards until something bad happened i.e. Plastic surgery. a sociopathic Omaha, NE PS removed all fat from my buttocks. I only went to him for a minimal procedure. He retired and I sought help for deformity. Doctors said I could be helped with body lifting.
I was 115 lbs. at the time and felt confident that my pelvic aberrations would be considered and accommodations for my unusual slanted defects would be capitalized upon and help with the lifting of my poor buttocks. Doctors instead disregarded my spinopelvic slant. I had expressed that I was happy with my tummy area but realized that a certain amount of work would be needed there just to hook up the horribly overliposuctioned buttock and thigh areas. I advised doctors to view me or even operate on me in sitting post ion with sacram propping as I was certain my L5/S1 spondylolethesis aberrations would be better understood and corralled in a more functional way. They insisted that they had special tricks they used in surgery to ensure femoral and hip area would meet properly. Their tricks didn't work on me and I know why after reading your journal paper i.e.. "Novel approach saggital balance...." I am in horrible pain and having increasing deformity for almost 10 years since surgery. I am in Omaha, NE. Doctors I've seen jump back at first sight of me then after a bit tell me I"m okay and send me on my way. I sometimes wonder am I in China? Anyway my problems won't be able to be ignored soon. things are getting very bad..hard to walk , sit or even lay down. Just like it was (only worse)before my successful 1984 fusion. I think my doctors didn't know how to address me so they just went ahead and did the circumferential lift text book style on me or any way they could , I have no pelvic slope now, no lap , no pelvic floor really. Things are not right. They even tell me to try the jar of "blue stuff" that is sometimes advertised on TV for pain. I gave them all my ex rays and history of my complicated complications before surgery but they didn't pay any attention to them because my surgical report says I patient had corrective surgery for a back condition of some sort. Sheesh! Some sort! Can someone help me get others to understand I need help with pain and may be handicapped in a way that cannot be seen or understood by uninformed doctors.
I have pictures and certain accountings of my problems on a website calledwww.Obesityhelp.com . My membership name for that site is leechetta and password to view photos is 'yuck'. I have a lot of postings on the regional Iowa section. I've been a desperate character with a very unique horrible situation that shouldn't continue being ignored like it has been for so many years. There should be some sort of documentation regarding what has happened to me and can happen to people with spinopelvic abberation. Its an abomination that so many body altering plastic surgery elective surgeries don't even require ex rays. I just happened to have them and knowledge of my condition to volunteer for pre surgery review.

Please contact me in some way if you feel you can. I'm sort of interesting if you are interested in unusual spinal deformity.
Deborah France

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