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Posted in: Body mechanics, Exercise, and Sciatica.

disk and tennis

Started by fadisaminajjar on 03/25/2011 12:38am

I have disk disease in l4 & l5, I think it came from playing tennis, I cant stop playing tennis, I love the game, some tell me it is dangerous to play in my situation, but Idont feel worse when I play, it is the same pain, can you advise me.

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Well, as you can tell by my name, I'm also a rabid tennis player and can tell you from experience that playing is not dangerous! Even after surgeries at two different lumbar levels and now problems at a third, no doctor has ever told me to stop playing..........maybe to not play as hard as I do, but to stop would do more harm than good, psychologically as well as physically. Pain management has been a Godsend to me, but it now looks like another surgery may be necessary as the steroid injections are not lasting very long. You need to find a good doctor who understands the importance of remaining active, and not being afraid of controlled narcotic use if necessary.