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Living with Rods

Started by BionicWoman on 08/08/2015 3:19pm

I had back surgery in June, 2013. I am now trying to adjust to my "new life" with the rods in my back. I still feel like I am carrying a 2x4 on my back and am struggling to adjust to the restrictions and limitations I face every day. I want to know if things get better as time goes on or if this "feeling" will be with me for the rest of my life. I would also like to know how others manage to cope with limitations such as: tying one's shoes, I know that the doctor told me (before the surgery) that "life as you know it will no longer exist", but I don't know how many changes I have to make before I feel almost "normal." I also have a limited range of motion and cannot turn my head like I once could. I welcome any and all comments from individuals who have the rods and understand my concerns.

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